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Scritta da: Manuela Camporaso
Life is nothing more than madness. Probably there is no karma, no right, no wrong. It's all a bunch of mechanic or random probabilities fighting against emotions, which are simply chemical reactions happening in our brain. Often good people get bad things, bad people get good things. Simple: no meaning, no reasons.
We have these curious habits to give life some meaning just because we want some sort of reward for our efforts. We put effort in things because inside and deeper each one of us is a dreamer, even the most skeptical man on earth. But we should go thru madness first, to get rid of our inner-fake-dreamer, to unlearn the bullshits we have been told from birth and to re-learn how to dream properly, with the help of a less magic but different truth.
If we decide to go thru madness we need to know we may not come out sane from it, and sometime we will have left just that little bit to keep going and survive. If we succeed we will understand that there is nothing to win, nothing to lose, that is all about perception and everything is a cyclic succession of experiences to use wisely.
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